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               Ruxandra was born on July, the 5th 1993, in Bucharest, Romania.

     However, she spent the first 5 years of her life in the countryside being raised by her beloved grandmother. 

      Rather a tomboy than a pretty little girl, she loved swimming in the river and climb the trees till the very top just to pick the sun-kissed sweetest fruit. That's where she discovered and nurtured her wild spirit and fell in love with nature.


           At the age of 7, she moved back to Bucharest, with her parents, where she started to explore the city-life. She found her first hobbies: Martial Arts and Badminton.


          A decade later Ruxandra joined OKaua Theatre Company where she has discovered her passion for acting. 

          She went on pursuing her dream and in 2015 Ruxandra graduated from ''National University of Theatre and Film'' in Bucharest. Later that year she had the opportunity to be cast in ‘’Pearls’’ by Dan Puric at National Theatre of Bucharest and to work on the Feature Film ‘’Fault Condition’’ directed by Catalin Saizescu, as well.


           Ruxandra moved to London at the end of the 2015 and since then, she has appeared in music videos, TV commercials, fashion campaigns and has performed in various independent short films.


    She is currently training at Anthony Meindl’s Acting Workshop in London and she is represented by BMA Artists.





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Represented by BMA ARTISTS

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